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Shadows and Reflections

Sing, then, for this is also sooth

18 December 1974
I'm making a choice to be out of touch
Leave me be, he said....
80's music, alan moore, alternative religion, an dagda, ani difranco, animism, ann arbor, big black boots, biology, books, brighid, brigid, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, capoeira, celtic music, celtic mythology, celtic paganism, celtic reconstructionism, cernunnos, charles de lint, chi kung, chocolate, coffee, comic book movies, comparative religions, corvids, crossroads, crows, cyberpunk, dagda, dancing, david torn, donn, doom metal, drone, dub, ecstatic dance, electric guitar, eleggua, emma bull, evolution, evolutionary biology, exploring sexuality, extended range guitars, fantasy, feminism, feri, fire dancing, firefly, firespinning, fudo myoo, gaia consort, gay rights, graphic novels, herne, improvised music, industrial, information science, ireland, jazz, joss whedon, kami, learning, legba, libraries, library science, living colour, looping, lust, macha, melody, modified librarians, morrigan, movies, music, music theory, myth, mythology, mythopoeic, mythpunk, myths, neil gaiman, neopaganism, neopagans, nine inch nails, nordic music, obscure cultural references, odin, pagan, paganism, pagans, peter gabriel, politics, polytheism, pro-choice, raven, ravens, reading, reference, religion, research, responsible eclecticism, ritual, rock, runes, s.j. tucker, santeria, sapiosexuality, sarasvati, self-awareness, self-improvement, sex, shamanism, shinto, singing, sj tucker, skinny white chick, social justice, sooj, spirituality, sprak, steampunk, taoism, tattoos, the dagda, theology, thinking, tori amos, trance dance, trance dancing, trickster gods, tricksters, urban fantasy, ursula vernon, vernon reid, vodou, vodoun, voudoun, wild hunt, wild rumpuses, words, world religions, yoga, zen